We Also Take ANY Specific requests So don't hesitate to get in touch. Chances are we Can help :)

Pet Sitting/Visiting/Feeding

(Includes All Animals)

We can visit your home as many times as you require and for as long as you require to Feed and give company to your pet or just generally check in and make sure they are okay whilst you're away as well as any other service you may require. Just Ask :) 

£8 for 1 X 30 minute visit a day

£14 for 2 visits per day

If you require more or less time just ask :)

Dog Walking

Can Walk up to 3 Dogs at one time.

We can Walk your Dog(s) for you if you're either at work or unable to do so yourself. If there is any place in particular you would like your dog(s) walked please let us know :)

£6 for 30 Minutes / £10 for an Hour

If you require more or less time just ask :)

Pet Transportation

Need to take your pet somewhere but cant make it?

Maybe you're at work and can't make an appointment or the Groomers?

We are Available to take your pet to their vets appointment or any other place required using our own transport.

£10 - to a place within a 3 mile radius